Monday, February 8, 2010

Nightout Party with my friends

It takes a long time to grow an old friend. What more I could ask for to earn a bunch of cool friends like you.

Saturday night 6th February, 2010. This day (our reunion) will be remain in our memories for quite some time. We had fun, booze, music, emotions, tears and not to forget the pot kulfi we had 4 am in the morning next day.

Let me drive you through the amazing party and my experience with my friends. We were 9 of us together (Mania, Fatima, Pai, Jeetha, Santya, Jollu, Rohan, me and Laxmi).

The official time to start was 7.30 pm but some celebrities arrived at Indian Standard time 9.30 pm. We welcomed by showering snow on them. Finally we land on the floor with lot of booze, masala papads, some innocent grilled chicken. As usual the crazy Mania experimented with his drink - Bacardi Breezer with Smirnoff Apple Vodka and our bar tender Santya served some amazing chilled pegs. Then it was time to shake our body to some cool remix dance numbers. We were fortunate to have two great dancers Pai and Santya. Pai, apna part time MJ did some mind blowing locking & popping and showed us some great moves. Pai was unstoppable and we all were surprised as we haven’t seen him dance like that for quite some time. Then his wife Jeetha said “Yeh tho roj ka hai uskaaaaaa”. And then it was Santya, the great dancer who added some spice to the atmosphere. By that time Mania was tight (tight means daru peke tight). He was shouting, dancing, spraying snow on our face and ass. The next day he couldn’t recognize his own voice in the videos. Jollu was too enjoying but missed his better half Smita. I wish she could have joined us. Not to forget our King Kong Rohan. He should have been an actor in Tollywood because sala itna over acting karega tho Rajnekant se bhi bada star banega. He He He.

Let now shift our focus on the ladies.

Laxmi: My wife (life) Laxmi was so excited and waiting for this great day to happen. We would discuss daily about what special we could do, what food should we order. I am sure the hang over of this party will remain for a long time in her memories.

Fatima: I am sure she enjoyed the night. She was dancing, shouting and then handling her hubby J putting limbu in his mouth and Mania limbu choosing choosing in his sleep.

Jeetha: Arey Jeetha bhi peeta hai J Aur dance bhi karti hai. She was quite but I am sure she enjoyed and also earned some praise from her hubby Pai in the confession round.

It was 2 am, the light were dim. We were playing some slow romantic music for the couples. Mania and Fatima showed us ballet dancing and we all clapped because none of us knew what it was (ballet tha kya delay tha) but it was nice.

Then we started with the confession round and none other than apna Santya was the first to start with. 28th December 1997. “Ratish used to sit on the first bench and I used to sit in the last bench”. Even if you forget your birthday or anniversary no one will forget the date 28th December 1997. He is a true gem and a true friend. I am sure everyone loves him for his open heart nature. He didn’t wait for other confessions not that he was not interested because as usual he was busy in the toilet kissing my lavatory (kamode). Soon after some time Mania joined him in the league. His line “I AM YOUR PARTNER SANTYA” will be marked in bold in our sweet memories.

Next was Mania. FOCUSED MANIA. “Manoj is focused”. He repeated this after every line. As you know Mania with some Breezer and vodka = Sentimental. But it was a beautiful personal confession about you, your parents and your loving wife. Your Naina talks with your dad and sharing of emotions with your mom is very touchy. But million dollar kurban for supporting Fatima when your dad was saying “Khandaan ki Parampara” dialogs. We saw tears in his eyes for the first time. We all are proud to earn a friend like you. We admire you and Fatima as one of the best fun loving couple and really helpful friends in our lives.

Rohan’s confession: His was the most touching confessions. Rohan is going through a rough patch and he is feeling so low in life. This night got him closer to us. Dude don’t worry there is a great life ahead waiting for you and you deserve a better life partner. Just wait and see the miracle is about to happen soon. Sala faltugiri kaam kar thoda J

Pai’s confession: This was the first time we got to hear a confession from Prashant Pai. It all started when he was a teenager and ended with Bali. To add some music we could hear Santya’s background sound from the toilet. But I must say “Tujh pe crore rupees kurban for your praise for Jeetha”. We all look at you as a big brother and a great fan of your dance.

Jollu: I was shocked to hear Jollu’s doing a confession. Sala life mein kabhi ek word bola nahi hai. I expect to hear some more in future events. He was a little sad that Smita couldn’t join but don’t worry kake we will keep doing such get togethers. You are very honest and a great buddy.

Mine was the shortest one. Ek tho I was drunk and my sound was half gone and you were asking to sing. Arey “Kabhi Kabhi” would sound like “Kajra Re”. Laxmi complained me the next day “Mere bare mein kuch bhi nahi bola except I love you darling”. I am very sentimental when it comes to such things and would end up crying. But still I would take this opportunity to say a few lines I missed that day. My journey in life was really amazing with lots of ups and downs just like an Ekta Kapoor serial. My parents and sisters are my support system and without my wife I am incomplete. I had a decent job and I was happy with my life but still there was something missing before Laxmi come to my life. Some say relations are made in heaven but mine was fixed at Khanda Colney, Panel (Harbour line). And then started a new love story after my marriage. I am sure most of you have experienced the same way I did. At times I wonder what will happen if I am alone because I am so used to her and am so dependant on her. Anyways zyada senti hona mental hone ke barabar hai.

So guys to summarize this post I am glad you all came to my house and we had such a great blast. I am sure we will keep meeting, till then love you all.